Who we are

The Dortmund Amateur Wargamers are a small, indeed a very small wargaming club with only 6 members in  January 2001. The Club was formed in the beginning of 1997. Nevertheless some of the club members have been  wargaming since more than 20 years and all of the members were wargaming together a long time before the official formation of the club.

Dortmund, the city some of us live in and that gave her name to the club, lies in  the western part of Germany, app. 90 km northeast o Cologne/Köln and app. 150 km east of Belgium and The Netherlands. Not all members come from Dortmund. They live in Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen, Herdecke, Essen and Burghfield (UK).

We meet on a regular/irregular basis once, twice a week or month. It really depends on the spear time left. We have some private  rooms dedicated for wargaming (small and large ones) and they must serve for gaming, modelling,  terrain-making and painting.

Bernd (2nd from right) at Crisis2k in Antwerp/Belgium. The prize for the game winners in the foreground.

Axel (left) at Crisis2k in Antwerp/Belgium busily discussing with the participants

Our main interest lies in painting figurines and building terrain (this is perhaps the reason for the word 'amateur' in the club name). There is also a strong attitude to miniature wargaming, but it follows only in the second place. So we paint our figures with a bit more precision and make optically pleasing terrain (well, we think so and we have also received a few compliments from other wargamers), but playing wargames is not our strongest subject (especially the wining side of it). Nevertheless we have promised to play more in the future and we are learning the rules.  We are always interested in contact with other wargamers. Perhaps one day we will find a new member for the club. So e-mail us please.

Uli, Achim and Axel (from left) at Crisis2k in Antwerp/Belgium

Uli and Jim (from left) at Action’96 in Rheindahlen/Germany

Thomas, Dominic (a very good friend of us from the Napoeonic Nuts of Singapore ; you should have a look at their wargaming site, it is worth a look) and Bernd (from left) during the preparations for our Pegasus Bridge scenario

Coat of arms of the Dortmund Amateur Wargamers

Sometimes we participate in  wargaming conventions. 'Action' in Rheindahlen / Germany is a convention with a very friendly atmosphere. There are always some traders present. We participated in 96, 97, 99 and 2000. Unfortunately in 98 we could not  participate. In 1998 we were very happy to have been invited for the first time to Crisis'98 in Antwerp / Belgium by the members of The Tin Soldiers of Antwerp. Crisis is also a convention with a very very friendly atmosphere. A must to see. At the end we were even happier to receive the trophy for the best presented wargame ( The Battle of the Sambre 57 BC ) and Uli's 15 mm Union Zuaves won two third places in the painting competition  (in the category units and a special trophy of the Long Island Historical Miniatures Association of New York for the third best Celtic and American subject). Many thanks to Willie and his friends of the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp for the very pleasing show. We promised to come back. That's what we did and in 2000 we won once again the trophy for the best presented wargame (Pegasus Bridge, June 6, 1944). We all believe that we will come back every year (not to win any trophies but because the show is so good).

Special trophy of the Long Island Historical Miniatures Association of New York (right)

Best presented Wargame Crisis98

Best presented Wargame Crisis2k

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