Pegasus Bridge 6 June 1944
D-Day landings beginn

Allied v German

A scenario adapted for Rapid Fire by Ulrich Schulte-Ebbert and Bernd Socha of the Dortmund Amateur Wargamers

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  • The story so far tells you the background of the scenario and gives you some maps with detailed information on the general plan for the landings.
  • The battlefield is shown in detail here. With some inspiration you will be able to recreate the battlefield on your tabletop.
  • The British airborn badge

    Briefing for the players explains the orders and a short (things were very confusing, at least for the German side) explanation of the general situation for both sides.
  • Allied order of battle is a table with detailed informations on the composition of the allied forces, their chances of arrival and the porcedure to determine the arrival points for the different units.
  • German order of battle is a table with the same contend as above for the German forces.
  • Time table is a table giving you a translation of move numbers and real time plus informations about night and day.
  • Arrival tables is a very helpfull table to be used during the game. It helps you to ease the dice procedures for the arrivals of reinforcements. It contains the condensed informations of the order-of-battle-tables.
  • The rules gives an overview over the rules to use and the few rule ammendments to simulate night fighting.
  • Vehicle specifications contains a list of the vehicles used in the scenario, their gun classes, armour and speed.
  • Special event procedures is a list with hints on how to solve the special events which will happen during the game.
  • References list the books and articles where the informations for the scenario were collected and is, of course, a list of literature recomended for those who are interrested.
  • Battle report
    (to come soon)

View accross the Caen canal at Pegasus Bridge. On the other side of the canal Café Gondré invites for a stay (under normal conditions). Obviously it is 03:00 h at night. British paras advance towards Bénouville. A game staged by the Dortmund Amateur Wargamers at Crisis 2000 at Antwerp / Belgium.

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