Pegasus Bridge 6 June 1944
D-Day landings beginn

Allied v German

A scenario adapted for Rapid Fire by Ulrich Schulte-Ebbert and Bernd Socha of the Dortmund Amateur Wargamers

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The rules

Standard RAPID FIRE rules are used. The following exceptions apply:

Night movement and fighting

    - all movement is at normal speed
    - recognition distances are reduced to 1/3
    - firing is –1 for infantry, A/T, artillery (does not apply to PIAT, PzFaust, PzSchreck)

PIAT, PzFaust, PzSchreck

    - if shooting across the canal range is 8” (otherwise 6”)


    - Moral should be checked for each individual subunit (group, platoon, company depending
      on the current figure/men ratio).

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