Pegasus Bridge 6 June 1944
D-Day landings beginn

Allied v German

A scenario adapted for Rapid Fire by Ulrich Schulte-Ebbert and Bernd Socha of the Dortmund Amateur Wargamers

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Briefing for the British commanders:

Capture Pegasus Bridge intact, defend and hold it against any German attacks until reinforced by paras of the 7th Para Battalion from Ranville and finally relieved by sea born landed troops from the north. This would be a full victory for the British.

During the night you should expand the bridgehead as far as possible towards Benouville and Le Port to achieve a defence in depth against the hard attacks expected for the following day.

If the bridge is destroyed by German troops or Leport and the road crossing between Leport and Benouville are in German hands (with the bridge still in danger) the game will be a draw.

                        Good luck!


Briefing for the German commanders:

Recapture Pegasus Bridge with the available forces and hold it against the Allied troops until D-Day + 1 day. This will be a full victory for the Germans.

If the bridge is not recaptured in the morning (end of move 8) you may also destroy the bridge ( this will be a draw) by

    -  air bombing or other means
    -  charges (engineers must stay 1 complete move on the bridge to place charges)

German reinforcements will arrive during the night and the following day with increasing probability. If the bridge is still intact and there is still a possibility to capture the bridge by the end of the day the result will also be a draw.

                        Good luck!

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