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Medieval camp life (don’t believe all you see)

(terrain by Ulrich Schulte-Ebbert, figures by Ulrich Schulte-Ebbert and James Orpin)


French knights searching their camp for the knight (in fact Robert du Guesclin, Seigneur de Broons (in the middle) and some of his vasalls on the way to Lanmeur. (15 mm Museum Miniatures)


As the night beginns to fall they finaly found the camp. The French are preparing for the night. (15 mm Essex and others, tents from Hovels and Ian Weekley)


Some Frenchmen playing a very popular French game. (15 mm converted Essex)


Others prefere it more comfortable. They sit at a table and have a not less popular drink. (15 mm converted Essex)


The English knights, on a jouney to France and also looking for some shelter on their way to Lanmeur, still have a look on the beautiful French villages. (15 mm, houses from Hovels, terrain scratch build)


This is one of the typical French medieval holiday cottages, inviting for a stay. (15 mm Hovels)


The English knights did not hesitate for long and took food and lodging for the night. William de Bohun, Earl of Northampton (4th from right) and his men seem to be hungry. (15 mm Essex)


Suspicious of French food, they brought their own canteen to France. Well brought up they queue up for fish and chips with salt and vinegar. (15 mm, knight from Essex, wagon converted from Museum Miniatures)


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