Victorian science fiction
The Mars patrol

(figures and models from the collection of Robert Sleath)

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Here are a few pictures of one of our Victorian science fiction games. This was a small skirmish game situated on Mars. It was disigned more like a roleplaying game to see how the players would react when confronted with a series of small problems (sandstorms, unknown creatures, nomad bandits, etc), instead of an enemy force as expected in a normal wargame.


German See-Battalion (marines) are searching the ruins of an ancient martian city. Behind the firing line you can see Flosshilde, our dampfpanzer (steamtank), and Hauptmann Manfred von Rheinwald, the hero of our story, mounted on a martian riding lizard.


On the right of standard bearer Feldwebel Schmitt stands Baron von Helmendorst, the engineer responsible for the makeshift Dampfpanzer (out of the way colonies like Mars are not first priority destinations for state of the art weapons such as the new land ships, so they convert what they have at hand.).


Above the Dampfpanzer crew ready to fire the Krupp gun.


Soldat Müller investigates a suspicious sound in the ruins (big mistake!). This was the last picture of him alive before two martian lions stripped him to the bone in 1.2 seconds flat.


The beasts are still hungry (Soldat Müller was a thin guy).

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