The Battle of Lanmeur 1341

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In the second half of the 14th century Edward II supported Jean de Monfort, Comte de Bretagne, in the fight against Charles de Blois who sought to gain the power over the duchy of Brittany (The War of Succession in Brittany 1341-1364). Several large battles of the Hundred Years War took place in 14th century Brittany. On the side of Jean de Montford many English soldiers were fighting against Charles de Bloi. The first of these battles took place in 1341 at Lanmeur near the town of Morlaix.

Driven back from the Siege of Morlaix by Charles de Blois, an English army of about 3,000 men including about 1000 knights and 2000 bows and others under the earls of Northampton, Derby and Oxford was forced late in the day to give battle between Morlaix and Lanmeur. The French force was considerably superior in numbers, possibly 15,000 (other sources say 12,000) strong including probably 3,000 men-at-arms and 1,500 Genoese crossbow men, the balance being local levies. The English drew up astride the Morlaix-Lameur road, on a ridge with a wood to their back, digging camouflaged pits just within bow shot.

For a detailed background and order of battle see our scenarios.

The following recreation was put up by the Dortmund Amateur Wargamers on 8 May 1999 and played together with our friends of the Napoleonic Nuts of Singapore.


Opening Set-Up: The English are on the ridge (background). The village of Lanmeur is on the left. French forces (foreground) prepare to assault the English positions.


French forces begin their advance!


English archers stand steady while French crossbows of the First Battle under the command of Robert du Guesclinprepare to spring the hidden English pits.


French crossbows have revealed the English traps. French knights attempt to ride between the pits.


French crossbows suffer heavy losses while their knights advance.

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