The armies we use

The following armies or parts of entire armies are currently ready for playing. All figures are well painted and based. Many more figures and vehicles (in deed some 10 kilograms) are still waiting to be painted.

Apart from the figures and models listed below lots of houses and scenic material (houses, hills, rivers, fences, walls, roads, woods, terrain boards) are available. For this and some of our figures have a look at our miniature picture gallery.

British colonial infantry awaiting the attack (15 mm, painted by Robert Sleath)


18th century

German self propelled gun and infantry advancing towards Pegasus Bridge in Normandy (20 mm, painted by Bernd Socha)

Austrian 8 pdr gun ready to fire (25 mm, painted by Uli Schulte-Ebbert)

Indians recognoitering the banks of a river (25 mm, painted by Thomas Schäfer)

Warriors of a gallic tribe steaming downhill to attack a Roman force (15 mm, painted by Axel Redder)

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