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The Napoleonic figures (15 mm) are based according to Republique, a freely available rule set by the War Times Journal). The base sizes work equaly well with Shako, Napoleonic Principles of War and Ligne de Bataille (a freely available rule set in French by ).

15 mm armies


8 line infantry regiments
3 light infantry regiments
2 guard grendier regiments

4 dragoon regiments
1 carabinier regiment
3 hussar regiments
1 chasseur à cheval regiment
1 cuirassier regiment
2 guard lancer regiments

6 artillery batteries


4 line infantry regiments
1 guard infantry regiment
1 grenadier battalion
1 jäger battalion

3 artillery batteries


10 infantry brigades (British)
  2 infantry brigades (Port.)
  1 rifle battalion

  3 heavy dragoon regiments
  2 light dragoon regiments
  1 lancer regiment (Brunswick)

  3 artillery batteries


1 line infantry regiment


2 line infantry regiments
2 grenadier regiments

1 artillery battery


1 infantry regiment

1 cavalery regiment

1 artillery battery


20 mm armies

Recently a look in an old box (and some inspiration by Dominic of the Napoleonic Nuts of Singapore ) ended in  to the remobilisation of an old 20 mm plastic army of Airfix figures. Some repainting and new basing (in our proven manner) resulted in a neat (very) little Army. Basing is according to Quarriers Napoleonic rules in Airfix Magazine Guide No. 4. Bases are according to Fast play rules for Napoleonic and Crimean Wargames of Newbury Rules.

English and Brunswick (20 mm)

1 battalion of Brunswick line inf., 1 battery of  Brunswick foot art. (without limber), 3 squadrons of English Hussars (9 figures), 2 batteries of English horse art. (one with limber)

French (20 mm)

1 battalion of  French line inf., 3 batteries of French art. (with limber), 3 squadrons of French Cuirassiers (9 figures) 

Bitish horse artillery (15mm, old Minifigs)

British horse artillery (15 mm, very old Minifigs, painted by Uli Schulte-Ebbert)

Brunswick foot artillery battery (20 mm, converted Airfix)

Brunswick horse artillery (20 mm, converted Airfix, painted and converted by Uli Schulte-Ebbert)

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