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  Feudal and Medieval

All the following 15 mm armies are based on the DBM/DBA standard. By combination of the various nationalities many different and large armies with the right historical background can be build up. The numbers listed represent the number of bases with 1, 2, 3 or 4 figures respectively.

The elements listed may be used to build up a Welsh, a feudal French, English or Scottish or an early medieval French, English or Scottish army.(15 mm)

28 Kn, 4 Bd, 18 Bw, 10 Cb, 16Sp, 20 Ax, 8 Pk, 7 Ps, 6 Hd, 2 Cv

Camps and baggage (15 mm)

Large selection of different camp and baggage elements

Feudal knight (25mm Essex, painted by Thomas Schäfer)

Knights of the Hundred Years War (15 mm, Essex)

Feudal knights (15mm Essex, painted by Uli Schulte-Ebbert)

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