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  American Civil War

The following federal and confederate 15 mm armies are based according to Fire & Fury rules. Infantry stands contain 4 figures as an average. Still two small armies, but large enough to play a game with two players.

Federal (15 mm)

46 inf. stands, 3 art. stands, 2 command stands + assorted markers

Confederate (15 mm)

43 inf. stands, 1 art. stand, 3 command stands + assorted markers


There are also some old 20 mm plastic figures from Airfix. They are organized according to Terence Wise ACW Rules in Airfix Magazine Giude No. 24.

Union (20 mm)

4 reg. of infantry, 1 bat. of artillery, 1 reg. of cavalry

Confederate (20 mm)

3 reg. of infantry, 1 bat. of artillery, 1 bat. of mitrailleuses, 1 reg. of cavalry

Zuave command (15 mm Essex, painted by Uli Schulte-Ebbert)

CSA Command (15 mm, Essex)

Confederate generals (15 mm Essex, painted by Uli Schulte-Ebbert)

Union drummer (20 mm converted Airfix, painted and converted by Uli Schulte-Ebbert)

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